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Determinator Final - Actual Times

Organizers: Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner), Scott Sheldrake (Event Director)


The final Determinator proved to be a difficult course for some with 15 finishers and 7 DNF's.  Thanks to Linda Hildebrandt for planning and organizing an excellent and challenging course with lots of route choice.  John Downey had the fastest overall time with 39 minutes and change followed very closely by Ben Isitt, Scott Sheldrake and Roger McLeod.  For adjusted times, Scott Sheldrake came out on top to become the 2014 Determinator, with Alea Mills in second place and David Sharpe #3.   

The next official VICO event will be Newcastle Island in June, plus there will be lots of unofficial "WET" events throughout the summer.  See our events page for information on both.  See you out there!

2014 Determinator Final  – May 21

This event will take place on the west side of Thetis Lake Park at the Bellamy Road entrance.  This is the final event for the five week Determinator Series and unlike the other evenings, unfortunately a beginner course will not be available.

Registration and Parking:  Registration will be open by 5:45 pm to allow those to register who are on early starts.  Parking nearby to the Bellamy access is limited.  Please carpool or be prepared to park on adjacent side streets. 

Starts:  Start Times will be between 6:15 pm and 7:10 depending on the handicaps accumulated from past races.  Start times have been assigned based on the handicaps that were derived from past races.  Please see below for a list of start times.  It is very important to arrive early enough to start at your exact assigned time.  Don't see your start time?  Please email Linda at

Finish:  The Top Finisher will be the first one to cross the Finish line at the end of the race.  This means that those with the early start times have an advantage, and those with later start times, must work to catch those who started before them.  The handicap system creates an equalizer between the faster and slower orienteers, so now it all comes down to your orienteering skills!  This creates a very exciting race with an expected rush at the Finish Line as all racers converge near the end of the course.

Course closure is 8:30pm - Please respect this course closure time, so we can do award announcements, and pick up controls before dark.

Course: The Final Determinator course will be longer than the courses from previous weeks and will be the most technically demanding.   

  • Determinator Final – All controls must be visited in order.  No controls are to be skipped.  The challenge here is how to orienteer well, move quickly and try to catch up to whoever started before you.

Awards:  Based on the results at the end of this race the '2014 Determinator' along with the top ten finishers will be announced.

Bring: a compass and whistle (mandatory). Wear clothing that is suitable for running. Long pants are recommended due to the Blackberries in the park.

SI: This event will be using Sport-Ident punching. Bring your stick or $2 to rent one

Cost: $8 per map. Membership required. (Free for first-time participants)

Preregistration: To give us an idea of how many maps to print, we’d appreciate it if you could either register for the event on our web site by clicking +REGISTER on the right.  We will print maps based on the Start List.  Please do register on this website to give us a good idea if you plan to come. 

2014 Determinator Final - UPDATED Start list revised 19/05 (a few were missing)

Astridge, Kevin 6:38:47
Burgess, Marie 6:30:02
Burns, Karen 6:15:00
Carter, Jade 6:49:17
Ciobotar, Dan 6:28:38

Cran, Joel 6:32:08
Curry, Brad and Cherie 6:30:02
Dammon, Hans and Gilbert 6:22:42
Dian, Val and 6:15:00
Downey, John 6:57:21

Earle, Hayden 6:57:21
Elvina, Lindsay and 6:41:36
Erlendson, Jen 6:15:00
Forsyth, Angus 6:49:38
Gagnon, Larry 6:46:08

George, Karen and Clayton 6:15:00
Hardy, Sandra 6:33:53
Heather, Jessica and 6:15:00
Hildebrandt, Linda 6:36:00
Ho, Jennifer 6:15:00

Hocking, Martin 6:15:00
Isitt, Ben 6:56:38
Knowlton, Andrew 6:33:32
Knowlton, Richard 6:58:45
Krasznai, Akos 6:34:57

Kvakic, Sasha 6:30:02
Laura, Cheryl and 6:17:27
Lawrence, Jeremy 6:51:45
Lay, Richard 6:27:57
Ling, Chris 6:49:38

Mackas, Dave 6:15:00
MacLeod, Roger 6:56:38
Mills + crew, Alea 6:15:00
Morris, Josh 6:37:45
Morris, Joyce 6:15:00

Nikkel, Leyla and Sarah 6:15:00
Quinlan, Liam 6:52:06
Rettie, Claire 6:15:00
Schmidt, Lena 6:32:08
Sharpe, David 6:24:47

Sheldrake, Scott 6:45:06
Stallard, Sara +Sam 6:15:00
Stephen, Covey and 6:15:00
Turner, Dave 6:45:47
Work, Natalie 6:17:06



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