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Organizer: Richard Lay (Event Director)

Trail-Time Score O: Thetis Lake

A 2 hour Score-O designed for all levels of orienteers. About 32
controls, each with the same value, are hung on trails throughout the

Not enough of a challenge for you? Try the 'contour-only map' to hone
your O skills. Stay in touch with the map using only trails and
contours. The contour only map is a great way for intermediate
orienteers to improve contour reading. You will need your compass!

Location details:
Park at Thetis Lake main parking lot.
Start and finish at the beach.
Rain or Shine

Event details:
Date: Sunday, March 9th, 2014
Registration: 12 noon (don't forget DST starts this Sunday - clocks
forward 1 hr.)
Mass start: 1PM
Course closes: 3:30PM

All controls worth 10 points.
Maps available when you start.
Deductions: 5pts for each minute or part minute late.

5 Categories: Contour Map: Intermediate, Advanced

Cost: $8 per map, $2 SI stick rental.

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