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Organizers: Larry Gagnon (Event Director), Larry Gagnon (Course Planner)


A foggy morning with a cool northerly breeze ended up clearing to sunshine by race start time so it was an excellent day for a run around the streets, parks and lakes of the lovely High Quadra, Royal Oak, Lake Hill and Blenkinsop areas of Saanich. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and get a bit of fitness in at the same time. Thanks for all coming out and thanks to Leigh, Patricia, Dave and other ad hoc volunteers who helped make it happen. Some apologies due as results have been adjusted to reflect incorrectly placed competitors since the ribbons were handed out. Results as currently shown are correct.

The Lakehill Street-O is a special event that takes place on an urban map through the neighborhoods around Beckwith Park. Instead of controls, you will be asked to jot down important details proving that you visited certain locations (for example, special features at a house, fire hydrant #'s, etc). Street-O is good training for running while map reading and route choice.

Street-O events are also well suited to family groups as children can participate as much as adults and prizes are awarded for walkers as well as runners. The southern half of the map is quite flat and suited to strollers and small children walking!

The format is a "Score-O" event meaning the walker/weekend warrior/runner with the most points within 90 minutes wins! 

WHEN : Sunday January 26th - 12:30-1:00pm registration - 1:00pm mass start

WHERE : Beckwith Park off Beckwith Avenue, Saanich, south end of parking lot.

MAP : Lake Hill, 1:15,000, 5m contours, 2012

COST : $8 per map

2014 MEMBERSHIP:  $5 for renewing members. Free for new members

CUTOFF TIME : 2:30pm - strictly enforced!



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