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Organizers: Carl Coger (Course Planner), Angus Forsyth (Event Director)

Map: Beacon Hill Park

Back by popular demand - the 2014 New Year's Day Orienteering Levee at Beacon Hill Park!


Beacon Hill Park - meet at the Sport Hut, Near playground (which has tables, toilet and heat)


Registration 12:30pm, Mass start at 1:00pm, Awards and Course Closure at 2:30pm


Buy Annual $5 Membership -  All memberships are now due, everyone must be a member.

Register -  $8 per map / per group.  Decide to run in Class A , Class B, or Class C (see below)



Filling Station-O, a combination of Score-O, Memory-O and Foto-O


Score-O - This means choose your own route, visit controls in any order.   

                You do not have to go to #1 first.  


     Time Limit is about-one-hour.  Penalty points begin after 65 minutes. 

     Bonus points awarded to those returning within 55 minutes or less.

     One point for Controls #1 thru 19 

     Two points for the beach controls, # 20 and #21     


Filling Stations -  At the three large triangles (Start symbol); is where you ‘gas up’.   Class A runners must memorize at least one of these sites now, before the 1:00 start. 

At each site is a Master Map with IOF Descriptions and 17 numbered circles (control sites).  Class B runners may draw circles on their map at this point, if they  so wish; but it might be quicker to just use their Memory-O skills.


Foto-O - 21 controls are hung in the terrain; but only 17 circles are drawn on  

     the Master Maps.  To find the missing four, you will need to study the photos

     displayed in Refreshment Room or else have lots of  good luck.    


Foto-O bonus Control 16 Foto-O bonus control #17 

Foto-O - bonus control #18 Foto-O bonus control #19




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