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Organizers: Marie Burgess (Event Director), Linda Hildebrandt (Course Planner)

Map: Lake Hill Streets

A great time was had by all at this year's Lakeside Street-O! Amid all the chaos of the Soccer Jamboree, 36 orienteers hit the streets and trails to seek out locations and answer our (not too tricky) questions. Adrian beat out Scott in the runners category to win the crown for this year's event with 30 points. We had to disallow one answer for each of them "How many mushrooms?- Brown" and "Theme of the table- Log" and Scott lost 3 points for miscalculating that he could not get from Bleinkinsop Lake to the finish in 12 minutes.

In the Joggers category Agustin got 27 points. With such swift feet we will bump you to the runners group next time! Next up was Katie with 24 points. In third place and our fastest family group, the Lisitsyn family got 22 points.

In the Walker category Rosemary and Andrew got 17 points for a stellar first place score followed by Ellie, Larry and the Fang family who all got 14 points.

Congratulations to all our competitors.

Thanks especially to Leigh for keeping me company for 90 minutes and for helping to tally the results and of course to Linda, who was unable to be there in person once the date was changed, but helped with the course planning and posting the results.

Marie Burgess

Meet Director

This event has been moved from Sunday 26 Feb to Sunday 5 March. All previous registrations will be transferred to the new date. If you have registered and are unable to attend the new date, please email us at and we will provide you with information to process a credit that can be used at a future orienteering event. New registrations are welcome.

When the trails are muddy, this is a great time of year to engage in a Street O Event! New to Street O's? See the description below.

This year, we are going back to urban orienteering in the Lake Hill area of Saanich: the area surrounding Beckwith Park. This region provides lots of variety of urban/park/trail/cut-through features to use for control sites and is suitable for families and experienced orienteers alike. Fast running or easy walking! Includes Rithets Bog, Blenkinsop Lake, Lochside Trail, many other small park areas. The terrain is hilly to north and flat in centre and south.

DATE: Sunday, March 5, 2023

TIME: Mass Start at 1 pm. Time limit will be 90 minutes. The event ends at 3 pm.

START LOCATION: Beckwith Park, Saanich. Parking is located just off Beckwith Avenue south of the intersection with Belvedere Road. Look for our orienteering signs to help guide you in.

REGISTRATION: Registration is available online using Zone4 system. Please register before 8 pm on Saturday to help us determine how many maps to print. Registration with Zone 4 at: Lake Hill Street O - 5 March | Zone4 Online Registration

EVENT TYPE: Urban street score orienteering with a 90 minute time limit. Find as many sites as possible in any order within the time limit. There will be no control flags, instead you will carry a pencil and piece of paper and will write down the answer to a question to prove you visited that site. 40 Controls - Maximum of 40 points. There are are three categories available:

  • Walkers - suitable for families with children, adults looking for a gentle stroll around the streets, enjoying being outside without too much hurry
  • Joggers - suitable for those who wish to jog or walk sometimes - excellent choice for mature club members who don't want to race too fast and anyone looking for a less competitive experience
  • Runners - suitable for those young in body or spirit, looking to dash through the streets in competitive style.

You do not need to be out for the full 90 minutes - just get as many as you like in a time period you are comfortable with. However, orienteers must return within a maximum of 90 minutes, otherwise a penalty will be assigned of 1 point for every minute late! Please watch your time.

MAP: new Street O map, Jan 2023, scale 1:15000 (1cm on map = 150m on ground), oriented to true north, bounded by Royal Oak Drive to the north, McKenzie Ave to the south, Hwy 17 to west and Blenkinsop Rd to east.

STREET O FORMAT: Street Orienteering takes place in an urban area with an interesting network of streets, parks and trails. There are no control flags used to designate control locations, instead an orienteer will carry a map along with a paper and pencil. Once the orienteer has navigated to the control circle on the map, they must answer a question about a feature they can see in the area. This will confirm that they found the right spot. Controls can be collected in any order within a given time limit (usually 60 or 90 minutes). This challenges the orienteer to maximize their clever route choice to collect as many controls as possible and get back to the Finish without being given a penalty for being over-time.



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